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Post  drake on Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:53 am

Hi guy's
I'm drake and I want to be a HolyShit'er Very Happy Smile
My Applycation:

In real life
Where am I from ? : I come from Dallas, that's in the USA ! Smile
How old am I ? : I'm 16 year's old .
What am I doing in life ? : I like to play Handball, to skate, to chill with my friends & to play on my Computer Smile

In game
For how many times do I play ? : I play since 1 or 1 a´nd a 1/2 year .
What is my play frequency ? : every day at last 2 hour's and at a weekend every day up to 16 hour's Smile !
Which clans I have been a member before, and why did I leave them ? : My last cla was cologne, and I leave it, because I would a new adventure .. my second last was ~Poin~, it was a fucking flame clan!, so I leaved Smile
What are my good and bad points ? : My good point is my cleaning and my attacking .. my bad point is the supporting Very Happy

Holy Shit !
Why Holy Shit, and not another clan ? : Holyshit, because, your clan is an internatiol clan, and i like your player's Smile
Would I make love to Guif for a cookie ? For half a cookie ? : Sry, but I don't understand this question !, sorry Sad
When am I free for a test match ? : Ever, when I'm on my computer Smile

So, i hope my applycation like it,
and I hope i can come in the clan holyshit *-* Smile

But I must say,
tomorrow, i fly to Florida,
there i must help our friends by the move ..
so i'm 12 day's not here ! Sad

With a lot of fun,


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