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Post  Naite on Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:18 am

Hallo all Smile
this is my application Smile

In real life

Where am I from ? : I'm from Germany (:
How old am I ? : I'm 14 years old
What am I doing in life ? : I like to play football, tennis and teeworlds

In game

For how many times do I play ? : I'm playing Teeworlds for an half year
What is my play frequency ? : Every day for ca. 2 Hours.
Which clans I have been a member before, and why did I leave them ? : I was in $hadow, but the clan endet cause many members were inactiv
What are my good and bad points ? : I think that my aiming isnĀ“t worse, but my movement can be better

Holy Shit !

Why Holy Shit, and not another clan ? : Because all members in HS are good members with very nice skill, they are fair, and they are often on so i like this clan and i will join him
When am I free for a test match ? : I am more online on afternoon.

So i hope my apply will be ok.
See you ingame
mfg. Naite


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