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Post  Mercure on Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:33 am

Hi, everybody !

In real life
Where am I from ? : Well, I'd like to keep this secret, I got my personal reasons. You just need to know that I have a nice ping on west-european servers, that I well speak english (of course, I do mistakes, like everybody here Wink ) and that I can understand french.
How old am I ? : 17 years aold
What am I doing in life ? : studying informatic, first year of university. I have some skills in programming, if you're interested in (I customed my client).

In game
For how many times do I play ? : I've played for one year under another nick, playing vanilla and instagib, and then I stopped teeworlds for a time, because of exams (and so on), but now I'm coming back Smile
What is my play frequency ? : Every day, at every hour between I wake up and I go to bed (consider me as inactive by 10.00pm). However I perhaps won't be that active this week, because of exams.
Which clans I have been a member before, and why did I leave them ? : I went in no instagib clans before, just played in huh and others instagib servers.
What are my good and bad points ? : I think I've got nice view of what happen in the game, I do not get that bad moves, but I should improve my teamjob, since I'm not really used to play with guys I know well.

Holy Shit !
Why Holy Shit, and not another clan ? : Just because you're about the only nice clan (not kiddy), that seem near to my instagib level, and that is (hardest point) and international clan. There is just DnA, MS and you checking this last point, MS are really too good for me, and you are to me cooler than DnA Smile
Would I make love to Guif for a cookie ? For half a cookie ? : For a holy cookie ? Perhaps rabbit
When am I free for a test match ? : All the day, as I said before. However, I'd like to do not play it before 15th, January Wink

I really wanna become a shit Very Happy

Awaiting your answer,

The God's Messenger.

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