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Post  Srash on Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:04 am

Hello every body.
Where am I from ? : I live in Royan
How old am I ? : I've 16 years old
What am I doing in life ? : I prepares a CAP agent safety and prevention

In game
For how many times do I play ? : I play 3 O'clock/ day on holliday
What is my play frequency ? : I've good kill and average hook
Which clans I have been a member before, and why did I leave them ? : I've been in -{CoM}- I leave this team because it's death team
What are my good and bad points ? : I good in shoot and I'm cool my bad point is I will say that I think even it's not fun

Why Holy Shit, and not another clan ? : Because I search a good and stable team.

I wait you're answer, Congratulation Srash


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